5 Reasons to have customised Fishing Shirts for your club

Sublimated Fishing Shirts

With the cost of sublimation printing now being at an all-time low. The affordability of customised shirts has never been better. Find out the 5 best reasons your club should not be without sublimated fishing shirts.

1. Cost is now cheaper than ever!

Sublimated fishing shirts are very cheap to purchase. So cheap that you can have your custom design printed for less than what some brand name shirts sell for in shops.

2. SunSmart!

Sublimated fishing shirts are made from 100% cooldry polyester. Polyester is one of the best fabrics to protect yourself from Australia’s harsh sun. Even though they offer great protection they are still lightweight and very breathable which is great for the warmest summers days.

3. Unlimited Design Possibilities.

You can create absolutely any design, have as many logos as you want the price doesn’t change. This means you can get sponsorship from as many different businesses you can while only paying 1 low fee. Normally you would need to pay a set up for each logo if the design was embroidered.

4. Individualise each shirt

Add your club members names to the shirts for no extra cost. Normally this would cost $4-$8 each shirt, not any more…

5. Design will never fade!

As the sublimation design is embedded into the design, the design will never fade away.

To order you set of sublimated fishing shirts, or to view some of our design ideas, click the image above. Or call our team on 0408 783 063 to organise a design for your club.re is no chance of the print fading or peeling off. This means that the shirts will last years and year and will hardly ever need to be replaced.