Benefits of Embroidered Polo Shirts

Many of our clients often ask the benefits of getting embroidered polo shirts for their corporate uniforms. There are many reasons as to why your promotional clothing should be embroidered Keep reading to find out why your logo should be embroidered onto our range of polo shirts.


Embroidery is one of the most professional decoration methods around. Clothing is constantly changing with printing techniques, however none last as long or look as professional as Embroidery. There is nothing worse than having a great looking polo shirt then only being able to print a 1 colour logo which over time will crack and peel off. This is non-existent when you have embroidered polos as the stitches are locked into place and will often outlast the lifetime of the polo shirt.


Unlike screen printing where the cost is determined on how many colours are to be printed, embroidery is determined by how many stitches are in the logo. This could get quite expensive if you have a very large logo however, there are not many corporate logos around that have high stitch counts. Which makes this method of decoration still very cheap for Australian businesses.


The vibrancy you can get with embroidered polo shirts is far superior to that of screen printing. Due to the threads catching the light, embroidery really makes your colours and corporate logo burst out of the custom polo shirts.

These are just 3 of the many reasons why embroidery is our preferred choice when ordering your Promo gear or corporate clothing. Yes there are times when other methods of decorating are beneficial, which we also can provide, however when corporate logos and polo shirts are involved there is a better way to go.

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