BUDDIES NOT BULLIES! Anti Bullying Campaign

Bullying is a big issue and we are on a mission to stamp it out. Our ‘Buddies not bullies‘ campaign is raising money for various Anti-bullying foundations around Australia by donating 50 cents from every wristband sold.

Wristbands are a popular item amongst school children and we believe these will help promote a valuable message in your school. Use these silicone wristbands in your school’s anti-bullying campaign and together we can take the necessary steps to help stop bullying together.

Variety of colours: Blue, Yellow, Lime Green, Red & Pink available and no minimum order, every band helps.

Wristbands are $1.50 each (Plus Postage)

Calling all foundations” we have a few foundations that we will donate to, however, we want to share the love so if you know of a certain foundation please let us know and we can add to our list.

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