Custom Darts Shirts: 5 Reasons you Need an Update


If your reading this blog there is no doubt that you are looking for new uniforms. So you probably don’t need any convincing that your current dart shirts are out of date, probably a bit crabby and in need of a makeover. Here are 5 reasons Promocorner will make your dart shirts the best they ever have!

1. Personalised Design with NO Limitations

At Promocorner we want everyone to be 100% satisfied with their dart shirts design. This is why we don’t charge for extra changes on to our dart shirt designs. Sure we get a deposit off you before we start however you can make 50, 100 even thousands of changes to your design, it won’t cost you a cent extra.

2. Dart Shirt Designs Pack a Punch!

We get it, you are not only competing on the board. It’s also a competition about who looks there best. We make sure your darts shirts will outlook, style, probably knock the opposition over.

3. You don’t need any Design Creativity

If you are a complete spud when it comes to designing shirts, that is totally fine. Each of our designers has over 10 years experience with all the best design programs. We take the hard work and make it easy for you. Sit back, relax, all we need is a general idea and we will work some magic!

Yay! No more plain boring embroidered polos.

4. Not the Cheapest Around. But the Best!

There is a simple (well sort of simple) quote we live by here at Promocorner. “The sweetness of low cost is long forgotten once the bitterness of poor quality still remains.”
We live by this quote. Yeah sure, you could probably find a cheaper option, there is probably a reason for that…

5. Old Fashioned High-Quality Service

We love to receive great service where ever we go. It makes life so much easier. It’s not always easy to find though.  We like to pass onto our customers, the high standards that we would wish to receive.  A nice friendly person to help you out always makes your day!

These 5 key factors are what have built Promocorner into one of the leading Dart shirts manufactures within Australia. They are the reasons you need new darts shirts. If you haven’t had shirts from Promocorner, then your probably not getting the full experience.

If you have a team or event, give us a call 1300 864 755 or send in an enquiry:

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