Darts Shirts | Never Settle for 2nd Best

With darts competitions heating up across Australia, there has never been a better time to organise your new darts uniforms. Don’t settle for second best when ordering your darts shirts though. Promocorner makes it easy to receive state of the art custom dart shirt with full-colour prints.


Our in-house team of graphic designers will do all the hard work for you, all they need is an idea of what you are after and they will create it. Take a look at the image above. This shows what you could receive from one company, and what you will receive through Promocorner.

Spida Sports is Promocorner’s ‘sports brand’ label. Its dedicated to 100% quality and 100% precision. Your new darts uniforms will never have look or felt so good.

Contact us today to talk to our team about your new uniforms. Either Call 0403 171 962 or email us by clicking the below ‘enquire now’ button.