Embroidered Polo Shirt Review – PS31 Winner Polos

As the name suggests this TrueDry embroidered polo shirt is a ‘winner’ in every way possible. A neat casual promotional polo shirt can be used in a number ways whether it is for your sports club social wear or your you run a business and need up to date stylish custom polo shirts. You cannot look past this brilliant polo.

The TrueDry material is 40% polyester 60% cotton. The outside boasts a great looking polyester finish where the inside is built for comfort offering a soft cotton finish to make these promotional polo shirts the most comfortable in our range.

If you’re worried about finding a colour scheme that suits your business or sports club. You can stress no more, with over 14 colourways there is a colour that will suit your needs with the PS31 Winner polo shirts.

Great contrasting panels on the shoulders and sides create a very professional polo shirt. There are not many items out in the industry today that will look great as a casual shirt and corporate uniform, however, this is where the PS31 Winner polo shirts have an added advantage over any other promotional polo shirt. Wear this polo with boardies at your local club, or even don the polo with a pair of dress pants. You will look fantastic in these comfortable and cheap polo shirts.

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