Embroidered Polo Shirts for your Club Social Wear

PS61 Embroidered Polo Shirts

PS61 Embroidered Polo Shirts

Every sports team has on the field and off-field team apparel. One of the best investments your sports club can make is that of new uniforms. Updated social uniforms make your club look fresh and modern to the general public. There is no better advertisement to potential new members than to see the current club member in stunning uniforms.

There are many ways to make a professional looking polo shirt however the number 1 process we recommend is to have your logo embroidered. Embroidered Polo Shirts look classy and the decoration will outlast the lifetime of the shirt so there is no need to restock every year.

Embroidery offers a huge range of possibilities as it can be applied to almost any fabric. Cotton, Cool dry or True dry fabrics hold the logo perfectly.

There is a continuous battle going on between screen print and embroidery, which is best, which is most cost effective. From experience, we have found the finish on embroidery to be second to none, and 90% of the time embroidery is the cheapest option. When you start needing massive logos on the back of the shirts is the only real time that you would benefit from screen print.

The PS61 Embroidered polo shirt that is pictured is one of the most popular polo shirts for sports clubs in 2012 and is set to be a front runner in 2013 as well. It comes in a range of colours which suits almost any team colours. If you’re on the lookout to update your team wear contact us today to talk about your clubs needs.

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