Embroidered Polo shirts or Sublimated Polo Shirts

With the introduction of sublimation printing, sublimated polo shirts have boomed in the last few years. This is expected as they offer so much more variety in regards to the design. We often hear our customers say ‘Why would anyone want embroidered polo shirts anymore now sublimation is so accessible’… Well there is actually still a strong need for embroidery.

If you work in a casual field, say a window cleaner, or bakery where your uniform can be quite casual and doesnt matter matter if this get messy. Perfect for sublimation designs as they can make your staff stand out from a previously pretty bland uniform market. However you may need to goto a few events or meeting where you need a more professional uniform. This is where embroidered polo shirts slot right in.

Embroidery still looks very classy if done the right way on the correct item. A small and neat logo on the left chest is often the only branding you need on your uniforms at some corporate events. So don’t block embroidery out of your uniform range completely. There  is still a big impact that embroidery can make for you and your business.