Embroidered Polo Shirts & the Different Fabric Styles Explained

The humble promotional polo shirts have grown in the last decade from a plain colour low-quality cotton polo shirt. To a visual display of bright contrasting colours and designs. Embroidered polo shirts now come in an array of fabrics for every purpose. Cool-dry fabrics to help stay cool. True-dry fabrics to stay cool while offering the highest degree of comfort. Polyester fabrics to allow for unlimited designs to be printed and Cotton custom polos for the old classic, sturdy promotional polo shirt.

With all these new fabrics now available for Custom polos shirts it’s getting hard to decide what is the best fabric for your business or sportswear. Promocorner understands what every business wants and needs for their Promotional Clothing and will give advice so you get the best-embroidered polo shirt you could possibly get.

Cool-Dry Fabrics

Cool-Dry integrates the comfort of cotton and quick-drying function of polyester. It features moisture absorbing, quick drying, breathable, and lightweight properties making these custom polo shirts great for sports clubs. The cool dry polos also have a range of fantastic designs that are waiting for your embroidered or screen printed logo. Purposely designed with sports clubs in mind, you will be sure to find a polo shirt in the cool dry range for your club.

True-Dry Fabrics

True-Dry has an extra layer of Cotton backing for extra comfort and reduces skin irritation.

It still has the quick-drying, breathability and lightweight qualities of CoolDry, however, the cotton backing makes these cheap polos the ultimate polo. Comfort plus!

100% Cotton

100% cotton polos are the pinicle in comfort and breathability. Great embroidered polo shirts for warm climates as they allow a lot of airflows. Generally, these polo shirts are a little more expensive and are more basic designs. However, the quality cannot be surpassed.


Polyester is a man-made fabric that has added benefits over cotton such as its flexibility and cost.

Polos made from Poly/Cotton combined the great qualities of both fabrics to make a brilliant polo shirt. Do to the polyester these poly/cotton polo don’t tend to need as must looking after it the way of ironing and the polyester give the custom polo shirts added flexibility.

These are just a few of the hundreds of polo shirt fabrics available. Every fabric design and colour have added benefits, it generally very hard to pick the best screen printed or embroidered polo shirts for your business or sports club. The team at Promocorner are professionals when it comes to clothing. So if you are stuck, simply contact us to talk about your custom uniforms.