Embroidered Polo Shirts Australia

Below is a range of brands that Promocorner use to make sure every base is covered when you are searching for your Promotional polo shirts. Please browse through the below websites to find the styles that suit your Club, Business, Event or School.

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Embroidered Polo Shirts

Embroidery on corporate uniforms and promotional clothing like polo shirts has become one of the most favoured branding choices by businesses and companies.

Embroidery has become more cost-effective in the last few years other than screen printing or sublimation which can get a little pricey. Embroidered polo shirts can be more intricate than screen printing and stand out more than sublimation as it has a 3D looking effect.

Embroidery has been used on many corporate uniforms. Whether it be embroidered polo shirts, T-shirts, jumpers, jackets, singlets, caps, hats, beanies, bags, towels, pants, trousers, you name it, it has been embroidered on for work wear, sportswear or promotional wear.


The Benefits Of Embroidery

Embroidery has been chosen by many companies to embellish their uniforms as it has a long lasting life. Wash after wash, embroidery doesn’t crack, crumble, stretch or deteriorate, enabling the wearer to continue wearing their garment for as long as they like.

The range of threads is almost unlimited. Therefore the variety of colours that can be used in an embroidered logo is almost as you can select virtually any colour, allowing you to have the closest possible embroidered logo on your cheap polo shirts and other clothing to that of your sports club or business.

The assortment of products that can be embroidered on is boundless and never-ending. As mentioned above.

And finally, the size of a logo, message or name can be quite large. Embroidery machines allow for a variety of items to be worked on, and therefore items have room to move. Although extremely large logos can be prone to shrinking or sagging over time and can be slightly more expensive than smaller logos.


The Embroidering Process

Embroidery can be created either by hand or machine. Because of the nature of our products (the size, intricacy and quantity of logo and names), our embroidery is created by machines.

Once your artwork has been approved, your job goes into production.

This process begins with your logo, message or name being “digitized” into a specific piece of artwork that the embroidery machines can understand.

The colours are then selected. Due to of the multitude of thread colours, we are able to closely match the colours of your artwork with the right coloured thread and are able to match them more precisely if you are able to give us a PMS (Pantone Matching System) Number.

The threads are then loaded into the embroidery machines, the machines programmed with your artwork and the item to be embroidered loaded into the machine by hand. Once the design has been sewn onto to the item, it is removed and sent off to the finishing area. After it has been inspected for quality and excess backing material or threads have been removed, it is then prepared for shipping.