Fun time in your new Sublimated Shirts

Sublimated Shirts Funtime Kids Parties

We consider our clothing and designs to be so good you will remember the sublimated shirts of any business we supply.

With this in mind, we know the crew at Funtime Kids Parties will make a huge impact when they rock up at your next party. We were stoked to be able to supply the uniforms for Funtime and love how they have turned out.

Why not make the next birthday for your kids the one they will never forget. Funtime will not disappoint…

Funtime Kids Parties are a family owned business with 10 years’ experience offering themed parties that will keep your children entertained for hours and reminiscing for years. They will supply the party you and your children will remember forever.

All staff working at themed parties are professionally trained to work with children and they really know how to get the kids active and involved.

There are party packages to suit all types of interests, if your child loves playing in the water then the Water Wars themed party may be just what you are looking for. There will be water pistols, water bombs and slip-n- slides to keep the partygoers occupied.

Maybe your child is more the engineer type, if so, maybe the LEGO Build and Bash is the theme of their dreams. Here the children will build structures or objects, and once completed test how strong they have made their creations.

Everything required for the theme of the party is supplied, as an adult you’re off the hook (You know what that means, crack that bottle open and R.E.L.A.X!) let Funtime do all the work for your kid’s ultimate party.

Be a hero to your kids, and get in touch with Funtime today.

We hope your kids have a ball.