Get Hooked on Sublimated Fishing Shirts

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BE WARNED, reading on may get you Hooked by Spida Sports & Promocorner

Question – What is the next best thing to actually Fishing?

Answer –

Showing off the photos of the fish that did not get away.

It’s great when you can tell the story of the huge one you caught on your holiday and then back it up with the photo that shows you’re not stretching the truth. Can it get any better? WELL YES, IT CAN!

Wearing sublimated fishing shirts that have been customised to your likes and makes you look great will ensure the picture is all the more satisfying when you show the doubters.

Sublimation allows just about any type of design imaginable at a very reasonable cost.

Splashing a photo of past fishing glories onto a shirt is a great way of remembering days gone by. Once the sublimation process is completed the product is guaranteed not to fade. It remains vibrant and colourful for the life of the garment.

Looking for more, no problems, as well as looking fantastic and the envy of fellow anglers with your amazing custom design on the shirt, they are also ultra-comfortable, comes in your choice of long or short sleeve and importantly they breathe. We use 100% polyester and give you the choice of weave fabrics.

So whether you want shirts for your fishing club with custom designs, club logos and sponsors logos or whether you wish to design a shirt just for yourself or a small group on an upcoming fishing trip then sublimation fishing shirts are the way to go. Even if you don’t catch a fish, make sure you look like your catching something.