How Aboriginal Clothing can make your event a winner!

Aboriginal ShirtsIf you’re organising a Naidoc week or another Indigenous event this year then there is only one item that will make your aboriginal event a winner… Aboriginal Clothing!

Aboriginal shirt designs which are purchased through Promocorner can be customised to incorporate event & sponsor logos and your own customised design.

We have a few sample Aboriginal Shirt designs to kick-start any ideas you may have been lacking but once you talk to our designers your aboriginal shirt will make your patrons stand out a mile away!

There are 3 main questions we get asked which we have outlined below and have given advice on how to overcome these issues.

1.    I have looked at the sample designs and still don’t know what I want the shirts to look like?

This is a very common question. We advise you to send us your logo and let our designers create a design for you. Generally, our designer will look at your logo and create a design to suit that which client absolutely love when they see the final product.

 2.    What animal do I put on the shirt?

You don’t need to have any animal on the shirts if you don’t want to, however, if you a really keen on a creature and are just stuck for which to use, think about the target audience. Are these Aboriginal shirts going to be targeted to kids or adults? If kids, then think about what they would like. Generally, Koalas, Kangaroos, Platypus’s are the most common.

If the shirts are for adults then maybe a serpent or lizard might be the best option.

3.    I’m having trouble deciding the colour scheme?

Once again a very common question. If the shirts don’t need to be traditional Indigenous earthy colours then big bright bold colours look great. Our designers will always provide a few colour options to choose and will provide advice on what will look best.

Once you have thought about these 3 topics you should have a fair understanding of design but as mentioned before, our designers are here to make your life a breeze. Simply send in an email and we will help you out.

For more info call: 0403 171 962 or Email: