How many Stitches is your Logo?

Embroidered Polo shirts are a very popular item for corporate uniforms or sportswear, however it can be difficult to provide an accurate quote without us seeing your logo first. This is because the price depends on how many stitches is used in your logo.

As a guide we have put the price of a 5000 stitch logo on all of our cheap embroidered polo shirts range, but is your logo around that 5000 stitch mark? The answer is below. We have created a guide below to go off that shows a few well know logos and their corresponding stitch count.

5000 or Less Stitch Count for Embroidered Polo Shirts

All logos in the 5000 stitch bracket are:

  • Simple logos with a minimal amount of detail
  • Have only 1 or 2 words
  • Not very solid
  • Not to large so they can fit on the Left chest of a uniform.
10,000 Stitches for embroidered polo shirts

All logos in the 10,000 stitches bracket are:

  • More surface area in the logo
  • Solid Logo with a little bit of detail
 15000 Stitch logos for Embroidered Polo Shirts

All logos in the 15,000 stitch or more are:

  • Very Bold with lots of detail
  • Generally large logos

These samples above are just to be taken as a guide and also depends on the size you want your logo embroidered. We have based these logos to be going on the left chest of a embroidered polo shirt.

For accurate quotes of your logo to go on corporate uniforms you can call our friendly team on 0403 171 962 or email: