Impress your Students with only the Best Year 6 Shirts

Year 6 Leavers Shirts

We take pride in only offering the very best, brightest & most stylish Year 6 leavers shirts you can order. Your students deserve to look the best they possibly can and our designers are here to make your job of receiving mind-blowing year 6 shirts.

How we do it?

The print process we use on our year 6 graduation shirts is called sublimation print. This is a print process which allows endless colour & design possibilities on your leavers’ shirts. Just like the image above this show you can print the entire rainbow if you like. Better yet, there is no extra cost. That’s right, as many colours s you want on the entire shirt and the price does not change.

Personalise your Leavers’ Shirts!

If your students request to have their nicknames on the shirts, this is also totally fine & no extra cost.
If you like you can have the class list on the back then the individual nicknames on separate leavers shirts to make the students really love their new school polos even more.

No doubt your students will be chomping at the bit to organise their leavers’ shirts. If you need more information please email us by clicking the ‘enquire now‘ button, or simply call 1300 864 755 and talk to one of our friendly team members. We would love to help you and your school.

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