Improve your Business Visibility with Sublimated Clothing

Have you ever heard of sublimated clothing? If not, your business could really be falling behind the 8 balls and not being seen by potential clients.

Sublimated Clothing is a print process which allows us at Promocorner to print endless designs, colours and images onto your businesses uniforms.

How will this make my business more noticeable you ask? Let me show you…
Take a look below and see how bright, colourful & customised all the designs are below. No other business will have those uniforms apart from you! As we 100% customise every uniform we produce!
That makes your business stand out from everyone else. If customers see you, it will most likely create an impact, everything that creates an impact is easier to remember. Your uniforms effectively become a moving advertisement.  Can get much better than that!

Sublimated Clothing & Uniforms Sublimated Clothing & Uniforms


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