Make your business visible with Sublimation Clothing


Perth you are in for a real treat! Cruising up and down the Swan river in their brand new Sublimation Clothing is Mr Shippy (Mr whippy but on the water) serving much needed ice creams to everyone along the river.

Mr Shippy contaced us in a much needed upgrade to their uniforms. There old uniforms didn’t really catch the eye of their potential customers. This is where we can help!

Mr Shippy chose our long sleeve sublimated polo shirt option so that they had maximum sun protection, all day, everyday! Probably a smart idea having to work on a boat, and oh what perfect front window they have to look out of. They wanted to make note of the view on their sublimated polos, they did this by adding in the sky line of Perth. This is a nice subtle touch which really finishes off the sublimated shirts.

Keep an eye out and make sure you give them a holler when you are in Perth next . We’ve heard they are the best Ice creams in Perth. Definitely the best uniforms!

Contact us today if you need Sublimated clothing, or to update to your current businesses uniforms.

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