Promotional & Embroidered Polo Shirts

PS61 Embroidered Polo ShirtsPromotional Polo shirts are a comfortable no fuss easy choice of clothing to wear no matter what you are doing. They also look great on the young to the very old which is a good reason why choosing a polo shirt for your personal wardrobe or for your club or business is a smart idea.

Our Promotional Polo shirts generally come with some form of advertising on them, from a small logo to advertising blazoned across the shirt. Most of the small advertising on a polo shirt is embroidered onto the polos. The embroidery is generally on the right or left breast of the shirt however sometimes can also be found on the sleeve of the shirt. Many sporting clubs will use embroidered polo shirts to fundraise by selling them in the club colours with the club logo embroidered onto the shirt, often clubs will also take the opportunity to have a sponsor’s name embroidered on the shirt.

Promotional polo shirts are a great way to advertise a product, business, event or really anything you can think of.  Usually, the polo shirt has larger graphics across the shirt so that it is very clear to see what message is being advertised. Sublimating the message onto promotional polo shirts is a really easy, cost-effective way of making complicated designs that would not suit embroidery get printed onto polo shirts. The great news about sublimating your promotional polo is that the sublimation becomes part of the material and that means it never wears off.

So long sleeve, short sleeve, embroidered, sublimated, traditional, exciting, sporty with UV protection properties, the positives are endless, and there is nothing as flexible as a  polo shirt when it comes to clothing.