Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are a versatile promotional item for your company. Lanyards have been around for a very long time however companies are just starting to realise how much effect printed lanyards can make on their clients. Don’t be left behind, keep reading to see why your company need to have printed or woven lanyards.

1. What is the Intended Function for your Company Lanyards?

The first and most important thing to think about before you order your custom lanyards is to stop and think, “Where will these most likely be used?” – This might seem a little strange to think of first but it goes a long way to making your staff and clients as safe as possible.

If your lanyards are going to be used around machinery then you will need to add safety breakaway clips or buckles. This will ensure that should the lanyards be caught in machinery then the user will be able to safely be released from the lanyard.

If your lanyards are to be used as a promotional item for clients then a safety release buckle isn’t necessary. However, some companies still like the idea of their lanyards being as safe as possible so choose to have them on their corporate lanyards regardless.

2. “What will your Lanyards be used for?”

Custom lanyards are used in a variety of different ways throughout various industries. They can be used to hold keys, I.D cards, Swipe cards, USB sticks, cameras, drink bottles, stubby holders and more. You name it and a lanyard has probably been used to hold it.

With this in mind, you will need to choose the right attachment for your company lanyards. We have hundreds of different styles of attachments so if you inform us the intended function of the lanyards our staff will be able to recommend the appropriate attachment for your needs.

3. Material

Promotional lanyards now come in a range of materials, Polyester ribbed, woven, silk, bamboo and recycled materials. Each has their own benefits and its up to the individual as to which material your company chooses.

Polyester ribbed lanyards are always a safe and popular choice for cheap lanyards which are also very sturdy.

Woven lanyards are best if your design is nice a simple.

Silk lanyards are great for full-colour printing. These lanyards allow us to print full-colour pictures which can create visually stunning designs.

Once you have thought about these 3 main points, it will make sure your promotional lanyards or conference lanyards are the best quality and most useful they can possibly be. Your clients will love them and your logo will constantly be within their reach.

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