Promotional Lanyards

Corporate Lanyards are one of your most practical promotional items. Cheap lanyards are perfect for keys or any important cards that you require quick and ease of access. Our Personalised Lanyards come in a range sizes and styles so what ever your need you will find a Promotional lanyard perfect for your company or event.

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Polyester Ribbed Custom Lanyards – PRL-01Polyester Promotional Lanyards

Strong, Durable and Cheap! You can’t go past our personalized promotional lanyards for your company. These are the perfect conference lanyards as they allow each company to match their custom lanyards to any corporate Pantone colour. These lanyards are the perfect Promotional item to reflect your corporate image.

Conference Lanyard Length = 900mm (450mm each side)


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Woven Lanyards

Promotional Lanyards

Woven Lanyards are a very effective promotional tool. With great contrast effects when using 2 colours. These Promotional lanyards look great with your logo weaved into the lanayard. Because the design is woven there is no chance of it rubbing off.

Woven Lanyard Length = 900mm (450mm each side)

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Heat Transfer Printed LanyardsPromotional Lanyards

Create amazing effects with our Heat Transfer Promotional Lanyards. These Custom Lanyards allow us to print full colour images onto the silky polyester fabric which will create a brilliant corporate lanyard for your company or event!

The most visually stunny company lanyards in our range, these full colour printed lanyards will no let your company down.

Printed LanyardsBootlace/Tube Printed Lanyards

Bootlace or Tube printed lanyards are strong and fashionable promotional lanyards for your business. Bootlance printed lanyards come in 2 great sizes of 12mm & 15mm which suit most logos. Talk with our design team today to create printed lanyards that work for your company or event.