Promotional Stubby Holders & what they can do for your Business!

If your company has ever wanted to order printed stubby holders but have been a little hesitant, then please read on to see how the humble stubby holder can promote your business like no other.

Stubby Holder print options:
With 2 different print options to choose from for your custom stubby holders. there is a stubby holder for every budget.

Full colour sublimation stubby holders:
These are part of our premium range. These can have endless design options printed on them so they create a stunning stubby holder.

One Colour Stubby Holders:
Our 1 colour print stubbie coolers are part of our budget range. These allow a basic logo to be printed on the stubby holders with a list of services, and slogan and contact details. These are still a great product as there are a huge range of fabric colours to choose.

How Stubby holders can benefit your business:
The number 1 thing you should put on your stubby holders are your logo and contact details. The design of your stubby holders doesn’t really matter as long as your Logo and details can easily be seen.

Every time your customers go to a BBQ or have a social drink with friends, they will whip out their stubby holders. Generally Australians like to use & show off new gear they have recently received or purchased and this is where your company literally gets put into some ones hands. They will most likely be saying ‘Oh yea I know these guys I need to get blah blah off them, I’ll get in touch tomorrow’.  This is how stubby holders can work for you as a mobile advertisement.
Stubby Holders are a great item for any business, sports club or event. They have been around for many years which prove Australian’s love a good stubbie holder and they will keep promoting Australian Business’s for years to come!

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