Stubby Holder

At Promocorner we make quality Promotional stubby holders for all occasions. Our 5mm thick neoprene material offers terrific qualities for keeping drinks cool in the warmest of weather. Sporting Clubs Logos, Birthday celebrations, Business promotional gear are just some of the customer base that makes up orders for stubby holders. One area that has grown in the last few years is that of Wedding Stubby holders. More and more people tying the knot are ordering our cheap stubby holders as a way of having guests remember their big day. The makeup of the artwork can be as simple as the couple’s names followed by the date on a one colour base. It is very simple however gets across the message of remembering the big day. A photo picture of the faces of the bride and groom along with the date of the big day is another very popular way of ensuring the big day is not forgotten by attending guests.

For those couples that wish to make the stubby holders ‘out there’ and really let their imagination be captured then sublimation stubby holders are the way to go. This is where the whole story of the couple can be told in words and in pictures along with as many colours as you can imagine. Many of the designs in our sublimation range are very bright and made up of images, photo images or characterisation of people or animals along with words about the newlyweds.

Promocorner’s Promotional stubby holders are glued and taped at the seam which means we get a flat surface all around the stubby holder. Stubby Holders that are stitched have indented neoprene and the stubby holder does not feel quite a strong or nice in the hand. Stitching also can be broken and thus the stubby holder can come apart. Glued stubby holders covered by outside tape are therefore the neatest and least problematic stubby holder you can buy. Unless stated otherwise all our stubby holders come with a base, however, we can customise stubby holders by supplying them with no base or we can also customise the stubby holder to other shapes such as slimline. Slimline stubby holders are excellent for Corona Bottles or the girly drink bottles such as breezes.
Regardless of the shape, all our products are glued and not stitched. Slimline stubby holders are also manufactured using our 5mm neoprene rubber for the best cooling in warm weather and are also available in sublimation ensuring that any design can be brought to life.

Stubby holders can be ordered in quantities starting at fifty. From the time of ordering to delivery of the cheap stubby holders is generally four weeks to anywhere in Australia. Distribution outside of Australia may take longer and will be advised.


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