Sublimated Clothing: 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Uniform

Sublimated Clothing Banner

Many modern day businesses and sports clubs are opting to have their corporate uniforms or sports apparel made from the latest technologies. Sublimated clothing is one of the best print options for creating stunning uniforms that will catch the eye of potential clients. There are 5 simple rules to create the best looking sublimation polo shirt, jumper or singlet for your needs.

1. Clear logo

No matter how busy your sublimated clothing may be, you always need to have your company or sports club logo large enough that its visible for everyone to see. This can be done by either a large logo on the centre of the chest or on the back.

2. Pick Colours that work together

Even though it’s ideal to stick with your company colour scheme which may already be set up, keeping the colour scheme of your sublimated clothing simple and using colours that gel well together will create a great looking product.

3. Simple is Best

An advantage of Sublimation clothing is that you can have as much or as little detail as possible. This, however, can be a positive and a negative as some printers get carried away the effect of the clothing. Our belief is that less is more. Try to keep the clothing design as creative as you can but at the same time don’t over do it.

4. Contact Details

There is no doubt your new sublimation clothing is going to catch people’s eye. It is very important that your contact details are clearly marked on your clothing. Customer will remember you and will be likely to contact you just from seeing you around the area.

5. List your Services

People will generally get a good idea of what services you provide from the name of your business, however, it’s often best to spell it out for people. Make sure ALL or if there are too many, your most important services that you offer are clearly labelled.

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