Sublimated Polo Shirts can Create More Business

You’re at the top of your industry, whatever that may be… possibly you get up at with the fairies to make sure everyone has fresh bread for their morning toast, or make truckies their first pie for the day, maybe you have an office that is in the ocean and you spend your days in a kayak,  or maybe you are in the childcare game. Whatever industry you’re in, there is always 1 golden rule. ALWAYS.  LOOK.  YOUR.  BEST.

Now I want you to look down at your current uniforms. Tell me honestly, do you love your uniform? Is it a bit outdated, or boring..?

If the answer is yes, then at least you are in the right place. Our sublimated shirts can make your business uniforms have that “Wow” factor to make your company and staff stand out and create interest in your business.

The great thing about sublimated shirts is that they are very cost effective. I’ll be honest, and this may sound a little crazy after just saying they are cost-effective, but be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pockets initially. They are a little more expensive straight off the bat than a basic embroidered or screen printed shirts. However, where they become cost-effective is in the lifetime of the shirts. The colours will never fade, and they will look as bright and vibrant 5 years (most likely longer) down the track as the day you received them. So you won’t have to be buying yourself or your staff new uniforms each year. Saving you hundreds of $$$ in the long run. (Cha Ching!)

Know What You’re Getting

The pricing structure is super duper easy as opposed to the complexity of embroidered or screen printed shirts. The whole, “The price depends on the size of your logo, or however many colours your logo has” just drives us up the wall! Life is complex enough.

Sublimated shirts have a nice, simple price structure which is based on the quantity you order. If you want full-colour images, 10 logos or just 1, even your staff names on each shirt, absolutely nothing will change the price.

If you have the design skills of a monkey, that’s where we come in. Our business is all about making you guys look your best, so you can continue to do the things that you are good at.

If all this is sounding pretty good, we have one more treat for you. Maybe you won’t care that much but your OH&S officer will love the guts out of you. Think Safety!…
Yep ,that’s right, all our sublimated shirts for workplaces come with a UPF40+ Sun Protection rating. In plain English, this is in the “Excellent” category of the Australian Standards. It blocks out a whopping 99.98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you’re someone that works outside, you’re probably singing like Whitney Houtson “I’ll always love yooooooouuu” well, maybe. Just on the way to work, when no-one can hear you, not even the people next to you at the lights.

Ok enough of the singing tradies… There are that many other industries that can use sublimated clothing it’s actually ridiculous. We have helped business such as, window cleaners, day care centres, Aboriginal organisations, health care workers, scaffolders, logistic companies, bakeries and even R2D2 Droid builders (yes, I’m deadly serious on that one) it’s mind blowing just how many different industries we have helped. Your’s can be next!

So, just to re-cap; If you want to have unlimited artwork, excellent wear, and tear, sun protection, breathability and comfort all in the one shirt, choose sublimated shirts for your business. You won’t look back and you’ll wish you had changed years ago.

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