Sublimated Polo Shirts or Embroidered Polo Shirts?

In the current industry of promotional uniforms, there are many ways which your promotional clothing can be decorated. Embroidered, printed, sublimated, heat transfers, dyed and transfers just to name a few.

There always remain 2 decoration methods that always seem to stand out from other though. 1 is one of the oldest decoration methods getting around and the other is relatively new.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Whether you are just starting a business or have had a business for 20 years. It’s a no-brainer that you must look sharp and presentable to your clients. Embroidered polo shirts offer a great range of styles to suit almost any look. A logo that is embroidered will stand the test of time and will outlast the time of the garment itself.

Embroidered polo shirts can be quite a cheap option as the price depends on the stitch count of your logo. The higher your stitch count the higher the price will be. Most corporate logos are relatively small though to this make our embroidered polo shirts and a great option.

Sublimated Polo Shirts

With the world cotton prices becoming more and more expensive. Manufacturers have had to find a material that will keep enhancing the look and feel of corporate uniforms. Polyester and use of sublimation printing have revolutionised the uniform industry. Business owners no longer have to stick with a polo shirt that is available to every other business. Sublimated polo shirts offer 100% customised designs. Your corporate uniforms can now make sure your business has an eye-catching design that will turn heads where ever you go. The more impressions you can make = more customers.

A lot like the embroidered polo shirts, sublimation polos design will never peel off or fade. It’s locked into the garment for its entire lifetime which makes this polo a brilliant option for any business.

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