Sublimated Polo Shirts: Sports, Business or Pleasure

Many people don’t understand that sublimated polo shirts can be used for absolutely any reason. There was a time that sublimated polo shirts were only used for sportswear. However, the uses in business and personal needs are growing in popularity.

Sublimated Polo Shirts for Sports

Sublimated Polo Shirts - Iron Joy
Sublimated polos are perfect for sportswear, whether the need is for social wear or on field gear; sublimated clothing has and always will be the pinnacle print choice for sports clubs.

Sublimated Polos Shirts for your Business

Sublimated Polo Shirts - Mens Shed
Most people find it surprising that sublimated polo shirts can really benefit their business uniforms. Think about this, you are walking past someone in a black shirt with a 1 colour printed logo. You’ll probably not even take notice of them or their logo, and certainly wouldn’t know what business they worked for.

Now imagine you are walking past that same person, however now the shirt they are wearing has full-colour images, a shirt that you have never seen the like before. It definitely catches your eye and you’ll either remember the business or at least notice what the company does.

Creating conversations through your uniform wherever your staff can only be positive for your business.

Sublimated Polo Shirts for Personal Use

Sublimated Polo Shirts - Murphys Family Adventure
A 3rd use that is perfect for sublimated polos is personal use. Think of family events or holidays. These are perfect to either capture memories or a certain trip, or even to just use a trip uniform. We have all types of requests, from family cruises or Australia-round trips to bucks and hens nights.

If you find yourself saying, “I just don’t know where to start” or, “I’m not a designer, I could never get shirts that look good”. Well, you obviously haven’t talked to our team. We will look after absolutely everything for you.

Call us today 1300 864 755 or email: and our team will love to help you out.

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