The Process of Sublimated Sportswear

In the world of sports apparel, sublimated sportswear is by far the most popular print process used by professional sports teams. It also becoming more accessible for the amateur team as well, with a bunch of companies specialising in sublimation sportswear who make this type of sports gear cost effective for everyday social athletes.

Most people contact their company approve of the design and in a few weeks are running around in their brand new uniforms. They probably don’t stop and think to what goes on behind the scenes to create the sportswear.

Here is a quick overview of how sublimation printing works.

Once your order is sent off to our printers. The artwork is drawn up to size and the then printed out onto transfer paper. as pictured below.

Sublimation Printing

Printing onto Transfer Paper

Once all the prints are printed out on the transfer paper, the design needs to be transferred from the paper onto the fabric. This is done through a large heat press (as pictured below). The heat turns the ink into a gas as is sublimated onto the fabric. Once the fabric has cooled there is no chance of the design peeling off. It is now part of the garment.

Transfer to Fabric

Transfer to Fabric

After all the panels to the have been printed the products are sewn together shipped off to you, ready for your game day!

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