Time to order your Wedding Stubby Holders!

Winter is not the ‘wedding season’ but while you stuck inside sitting next to the fire it is a perfect opportunity to think about your wedding stubby holders design. With so many social media platforms you can pull inspiration from anywhere.
Whether you’re after an old rustic look or a simple elegant design for your wedding stubby coolers – the crew at Promocorner will make your idea a reality and create the most stunning wedding stubby holders just for you.
Many customers often ask, ‘What makes the best stubby holders for weddings?’ read on and we’ll tell you.
The best stubby coolers for weddings need to be strong. This is where our glued seam then re-enforced heat tape down the seam will make your wedding stubby holders last not only the night but will still be standing tall at your 10th, 20th & 30th wedding anniversary.

But what about the Design?
The design is up to you however we believe that ‘less is more’. Try to keep them simple with your names, date, the name of your wedding venue and a small thank you message and of course an image of the Bride and Groom.
Keeping them simply doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Some of the best designs are just nice a clean. However, talk with our designer and they can show you a different version for your stubby holders to choose.

Full Colour or Single Colour Stubby Coolers?
This is determined by the budget. Both styles look great, obviously, you have more freedom with our full-colour wedding stubby holder range although a single colour can look just as elegant as our premium range.
If you decide to have a 1 colour print option, then we suggest you nice clean fonts and clipart images that have nice lines and that aren’t too detailed. This will allow the print to be as clear as possible.
Stubby holders are the perfect item to give to your guests for a thank you gift. Organise your wedding stubby holders now to make sure you best the ‘wedding season’ rush.

Contact us today to find out more info. call us: 0408 783 063 or email: enquiries@promocorner.com.au.