Wedding Stubby Holder Styles

When it comes to wedding stubby holders, many clients aren’t a wear of the certain styles available. we have 3 main styles of wedding stubby coolers that each have their own individual benefits. keep reading below to ind out which is best suited for your wedding.

With a Base
Wedding stubby holders that come with a base tick all the boxes. The main function of the base is to give the stubby coolers more stability as they are made for 375ml Bottles or cans the drink shouldn’t slip through if there was no base. However not everybody drink exactly the same size bottles so that where these wedding stubby coolers are supreme. For people that drink the European style drink or cruiser bottles the base actually stop these type of bottles from slipping through and the guest losing their drink all over their toes.

Without A Base
Wedding stubby holders without a base are ideal for transportation. When these stubby coolers are not being use they simply slide over the wrist or fold up and slide into the pocket. Perfect wedding stubby holders for people that might not be huge drinker but still need a stubby holder from time to time.

Slimline stubby holders are the perfect snug fit for European & Girly style drink. No chance of the bottle sliping out top or bottom. If you are serving cruisers or coronas at your wedding then you might be better off purchasing the slimline wedding stubby holders.

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