What Aboriginal merchandise item is perfect for you?

With Naidoc week fast approaching NOW is the best time to organise your Naidoc Week merchandise. With so many products out there though its hard to know what will work for you. This is where our fantastic team will help you choose the perfect product.

Below is a list of our top 3 best selling aboriginal merchandise items over the last few years. To view more info about each item please click their corresponding image.

Aboriginal Silicone Wristbands1. Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands printed in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander colours with you message are the number 1 best items for your event. These low cost item pack more of a punch than you would think. Add your message to some silicone wristbands and see your message spread through the crowd.

Sublimated-Aboriginal-Shirts2. Sublimated Polo Shirts

Brighten up any event with stunning sublimated polos shirts. Create awesome eye catching designs that will never fade.

Add logos, images and names for the 1 easy price.

1105 Serpent Tote Aboriginal Bag

3.  Aboriginal Tote Bags

If your looking for shear numbers to see your message then think really hard about purchasing Aboriginal style tote bags with your message printed. Thousands of people every day use these eco friendly bags to carry there shopping, which in turn gets shown to potentially 1000’s more. Why not provide Tote bag lovers with 1 more addition to their family.


To order your Naidoc Merchandise simply send in a enquiry by clicking the below button.