Why is Sublimated Sportswear so popular?

Sublimated Singlets | Sublimated SportswearIn the sporting arena today, whether it’s for a top-flight AFL club or a grassroots sports club in their first season. The image is everything! More and more sports clubs every day are moving towards Sublimated sportswear rather than the traditional embroidery or screen printed uniforms. Why is this?…

Sublimated Sportswear offers great versatility when designing your new team uniforms. The sky is the limit with sublimation clothing. The garments are digitally printing onto special transfer paper, then the design is transferred onto your selected fabric to create a design that is locked into the fabric with no chance of peeling off or fading.

Did you say my choice of fabric? Well not exactly but yes, all sublimated sportswear is made from 100% Polyester (this is the best fabric for the job) however there are thousands of different knits, weaves, weights, cuts, to choose from the choices are endless. Sublimation sportswear is now used for contact & non-contact sports.

Not only will your new sublimation clothing make your club stand out from the opposition they will also make your bank balance climb. Because all the printing is done in one hit, there is no need to pay extra to have sponsors logos on the clothing. You could have 1 or 100 sponsors on your shirts for the same cost.  This maximises revenue for sports clubs who in the past have struggled to order new team or social uniforms.

If you haven’t given a thought to sublimated sportswear before, it may be a good time to start thinking of a change. Once you wear your new uniforms you will wonder why it took you this long.

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