Year 6 leavers shirt review: Lugarno Public School

Creating year 6 shirts which, will provide lasting memories for each and every graduating students, is our number 1 goal. We love putting smiles on people’s faces, and we take a lot of pride in knowing they are proud to wear their new Year 6 shirts (even if it is only for 1 year).

We were recently approached by Lugarno Public School to design and make their year 6 shirts. They requested that their shirts have a tree in the design to symbolise the massive tree in their school grounds.
This was a brilliant idea as it created a very nice focal piece on the back of their leavers shirts, with the student names on either side of the trunk. The design then moves to the front where the leaves are falling from the tree, which symbolises Autumn and the students moving on…

It’s these little design quirks that we like to bring to all of our leavers shirts designs. We know that this year 6 leavers shirts are not just your average ‘shirt’; these are a memento that students will look back on in 10, 20, maybe even 40 years time and remember their final year of primary school.

Thanks, Lugarno Public for allowing us to create this amazing year 6 shirt for your students this year, it was a pleasure. Can’t wait for next year’s.

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