Year 6 Leavers shirts with Sun Protection


We take a lot of pride in knowing that our year 6 shirts are of the best quality in the market. Not only do we make sure our leavers shirts have state of the art designs, they now come with very high sun protection ratings.

We are pleased to announce that your year 6 leavers shirts have a UPF40+ sun protection rating. The fabric we use in all year 6 polo shirts is now ranked as “excellent” in the Australian/New Zealand standards by testing agency ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).

Our year 6 shirts knock out a minimum of 97% UVR (Ultraviolet Rays). This ensures that your students will have some of the highest protection from our harsh sun while wearing leavers shirts ordered through Promocorner.

Now winter is almost over the sun is going to start peaking its nose out again, it’s definitely a great time to start organising your leaver shirts for your students.

For more info please call 1300 864 755 or email:

We look forward to helping you and your students in having the best graduation shirts possible.

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