Year 6 Shirts: What makes a great design

Year 6 ShirtsAlmost every school organises Year 6 shirts for all their Graduating students. We often get asked “What makes a great year 6 shirt design”? The answer depends on what you want out of your leavers shirts but we have outlined a few tips below that always makes for a great design without fail.

1. Think Bright & Think Fun!

Year 6 shirts are a representation of your whole primary school years. You want your students to remember the fun times they had during primary school. Using bright and exciting designs will draw out every great memory.

Using bright designs will also make the students enjoy wearing their year 6 shirts throughout the year and remember every moment they had during their last year at primary school.

2. Let the hair down!

Even though your student will soon be moving into senior school doesn’t mean they are there yet. Have some crazy super hero image or fireworks to really celebrate the school year in style. Let the kids let their hair down and go crazy with the design.

3. Choose a different collar style

Speaks for itself really. The collar really finishes off the year 6 shirts choose a new style rather than just the stock standard collar. You’ll be amazed how different a shirt can look!

These 3 points are the main area that will make your year 6 shirts ones to remember. If you want to talk about your design further you can call our designers on 0408 783 063. We can do all the hard work for you, all we really need is an idea of how you would like your sublimated shirts to look.

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