Yes you should choose Sublimated Clothing for your Business Uniforms

Sublimated Clothing for your businessIf you find yourself in need of new business uniforms and are tossing up between a sublimation clothing range and general embroidered shirts you should definitely choose sublimated clothing. Below are just a few of the advantages of ordering sublimated uniforms.

Well, where to start… there are so many great things to say about sublimated clothing. It is fast becoming the print choice of most sports clubs and now its benefits are working its way into the workforce.

Unlimited Design Freedom

When you choose sublimated clothing you have the option to have the shirts 100% customised to your business. The garments start off as a white piece of fabric and the design that you choose will be printed onto the garment. This means that you can have sublimated uniforms for your business that you and only your business has in the whole entire world.
You can’t get that with Embroidered shirts…

Sublimation Print will never fade or Peel off 

When you look close up to a sublimated clothing item you will notice that the print is actually embedded into the fibres of the material. This means that the print will never ever peel off. It will also never fade, the design print will look as bright and colourful years down the track as it did on the day you’ve received them.

Low Minimum Print Runs

We can print as little as 5 shirts in the first order of sublimated uniforms. This means that even the smallest businesses can benefit from choosing sublimated clothing for there company uniforms.

Throw away your Iron

Yes, you read right, you will no longer need to stay up late on a Sunday night ironing all your clothes for the week. The lightweight cool dry material our sublimated uniforms are printed on will never need to be ironed.

Personalised for No Extra Cost 

Need your worker’s names on their shirts so you know who you are talking to? Fair enough, that comes at no extra cost. Use the money you save them to go have a beer. It’s technically on us 😉

Still not sold… Ok, how about the UPF50+ Sun Protection Rating

That’s right all these benefits plus they will keep you 100% protected from the Australian Sun! UPF50+ Sun protection rating. You don’t get any higher than that!

Just like Ultimate Plumbing and Gas in the image above have done you can organise your new sublimated uniforms and have them looking just as amazing. Our designers will help you throughout the whole design process, you don’t have to lift a finger.

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