Your new Promotional polo shirts must be Sublimated Polo Shirts

Sublimated-Polo-Shirts-for-your-corporate-uniformsIf you haven’t seen sublimated polo shirts before you have probably been living under a rock or you might have seen some and not realised just how accessible they are.  Sublimated Polo is definitely changing the way promotional polos shirt look throughout the world! They allow for exciting full-colour designs that can be customised 100% to your needs.
Run a bakery? No problems. Have a Home Garden service? No Problems. Are you a Computer Technician? That is fine too. The beauty of Sublimated polos is that we can cater for very low minimums of only 5 shirts and the design doesn’t have to be anything like any other business out there. This can make you really stand out from that ever-growing crowd.

The print on Sublimated polo shirts is locked into the cooldry fabric which is super comfortable to wear even on the most extreme summer days our Australian Sun can throw at us. You will also love the UPF25+ sun protection rating that comes with our shirts.

As the print is locked into the promotional polo shirts there is no way it will ever peel off & is colourfast which means it will never fade. Giving you a new fresh look every day you wear these polos.

Don’t wait around, if you are in need of new promotional polo shirts. Have a think about how sublimated polos can benefit your business. Feel free to give our team a call 1300 864 755 or shoot through an email:

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